Muslin Hooded Poncho Towel - Coral


Muslin Hooded Poncho Towel - Coral

The luxurious and soft muslin hooded poncho towel is designed to provide ultimate comfort and convenience for your little one. It is lightweight and absorbent, ensuring that your child stays dry and warm after bath time, a day at the beach, or a pool session.

One of the key features of this poncho is its ability to protect your baby's sensitive skin. It is crafted with cotton muslin, making it exceptionally gentle and safe for your baby's delicate skin.

In addition to its functionality, this poncho also offers a cozy and stylish design. It includes a hood and pullover design, providing both comfort and a fashionable look for your child.

Taking care of this muslin poncho is easy as it is machine washable. With each wash, it becomes even softer, maintaining its luxurious feel over time.

Overall, the premium quality muslin hooded poncho towel offers a combination of softness, quick-drying capabilities, protection for sensitive skin, comfort, style, and ease of care, making it an ideal choice for your little one.

Suitable for children ages 6m-2y

26.7 in height / 25.5in width

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