The Family Behind Lolli Co.

Est. 2021

The Family Behind Lolli Co.

Welcome! We're thrilled to have you here!

Lolli Co. is a Mom & Dad owned brand. Ty & Caitlyn Neier established Lolli Co. in 2021. They are parents of two, Scarlett and Benjamin.

Scarlett, even lends a helping hand sometimes with the business! When you receive an order from Lolli Co., keep an eye out for a "Packaged By Scarlett" sticker!

Initially, Lolli Co. began solely as a Hair + Body Care brand dedicated to curating clean, safe, and effective products for babies and kids. As parents, they faced the challenge of finding hair care products that were both effective and free from harmful chemicals. This struggle inspired the creation of Lolli Co.

Thanks to the customers' support, Lolli Co. has had the opportunity to expand their brand and introduce more beloved items, including cozy clothing, trendy accessories, and much more!

Lolli Co. draws inspiration from the wonders of nature. The Neier Family adores breathtaking sunsets and the enchanting colors of cotton candy skies. They also have a deep appreciation for the great outdoors and all the beauty bestowed by Mother Nature. Lolli Co. reflects the splendor of our planet Earth. Interestingly, the name Lolli originated from a fun incident when their daughter's hair got tangled with a lollipop. That moment sparked a realization, and Lolli Co. became the perfect name to embody their vision.

We are grateful for you.

Thank you for supporting our brand. Your trust means the world to us!

At Lolli Co., we are committed to providing the best products and customer service possible to ensure the comfort, safety, and happiness of your littles. Your support fuels our dedication to excellence, and your feedback continuously inspires us to improve.

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your family.


Caitlyn, Ty, Scar & Benny